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Education for Girls in Chiro

After the plane crash in which Paolo lost his life, CISP formulated a project that would remember him in the way he envisioned development cooperation. 

Paolo died in Ethiopia, but more importantly, he lived there for many years. He was connected to the country by a special bond formed by a deep knowledge of its history and his friendships with many people that live there. Among the regions of the country that Paolo knew and had travelled to, we chose Western Hararghe and the city of Chiro. 

For Paolo, working from the perspective of people and communities and their needs was extremely important, and that is why we decided to focus on the Chercher Preparatory School, a public school in Chiro that serves the local community.

We have identified a need: the school library, a place where, among other things, boys and girls with limited means can find tools and materials for study and further education.

We created a support fund to finance the construction and furnishing of the library. The final cost of the library was €55,700.

With the remaining funds and those we will continue to collect, we will establish scholarships to provide support in accommodation and maintenance for girls who cannot afford their studies.

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Just €30 is enough to support a girl from Chiro, Ethiopia for a month at school and provide her with essential support such as food to school supplies. Just €540 will fund an 18-month scholarship that can change a girl’s future forever.

Access to education is the first step towards overcoming social barriers, getting to know new worlds, and discovering one's passions. In short, it is the first step to imagining a different life.

Yet in Ethiopia, the second most populated country in Africa, 46% of girls under 15 are illiterate. In a country with deep-rooted poverty that affects the lives of almost everyone from birth, girls are among the most vulnerable and are too often forced to limit their prospects to domestic life.

We think that Paolo would have shared the commitment to support those who live every day the clash between legitimate aspirations and a lack of means.

Help us make Paolo's commitment our own and give a different future to a girl from Chiro. Donate now.







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